3 Must-Read Tips to Go for Dinner in a Chinese Family

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More and more people are going to China either for business or for traveling. China is developing quicker and quicker. Thus it is necessary to know some of its customs so that it can help you make fewer mistakes when you go to China, especially some table manners. Here I want to share with you 4 tips which could help you when you go to a Chinese family as a visitor.

Present and time

It is OK for you to either pixel gun 3d hacks take present or not to take present. Yet if you want to take a present, a basket of fruit will be a good choice. The fruit can be apples, peaches or bananas, but a watermelon in a basket will not a good choice. If you really would like buy a watermelon, you can use a mesh bag which is very convenient and good-looking. However, flowers are not very popular as a gift for the pixel gun 3d hack first time as that in American. The item you buy from your hometown may be will be the best choice. It can also help you to find a topic when you are at host’s home.

If the host has a daughter or a boy who are in school now, you could even buy them a backpack from online shop. which is very cheap and cute. Children pixel gun 3d cheats tool like that. Giving a gift for host’s kids are often more popular. Nevertheless, whatever you take will be taken seriously not because the present, but because the meaning you endow the gift.

Table dinner manners

Referring to the dinner manners, many people will be very embarrassed in that they do not know what to do or say during the dinner. Please do not worry, pixel gun 3d cheat tool you will feel relaxed after reading this tip. When the dinner starts, the Chinese host usually prefers pixel gun 3d hack tool the guest to be seated at first to show their respect to the guest, and then they have their seat. You will see many delicious dishes.

Another fact the host often do during the dinner is that they like to choose dishes to put in your plate. Please do not angry, it is another way to show their liking to you. The dishes they choose for you are often their favorite ones and they would like to share the best with you. If you do not like it, just tell them. And you can even tell them not to do that for you with a good explanation.

One more important thing pixel gun 3d that you may feel embarrassing is near the end of the dinner. The Chinese host like to say that we are sorry since there are few dishes for you, and the dishes are not so delicious, for which you may feel strange as there are many enough dishes. In fact, this is a typical way to show their modesty. Do not take it serious because that is not the host’s real thought.

Say goodbye

Knowing how to say goodbye is also very important for you. When you want to leave, the host may tell you that it is very early, why not stay a little longer. Then you may stay for a while. However, when you tell them that you want to leave again, the host will pixel gun 3d cheat say the same one, asking you to stay a little longer even it is rather late. You maybe totally surprised. Please do not worry, if you really want to go, you could just tell them and prepare to go. They will not keep you stay, which is in fact a way of speaking. They want to show their sincerity to you.

After you go out of the door, the host will ask you to come again for dinner the next day or next weekend. However, please do not come on time pixel gun 3d cheats unless you have an appointment. It is another way to show their liking to you.

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