The Real Truman’s World

2 giugno, 2014 nessun commento


Have you ever been aware of that we are living under the supervision of thousands and millions cameras? Will you have this idea in your mind that we are watched by some one in some places every day? Yes, we are watched by many people though numerous mini cameras whenever we are, such as bank, street, office, school, and the lift of our departments. It is kind of like the Truman Show, right? However, lucky we are. We are not Truman. And our lives are exactly pixel gun 3d hack tool our lives, not a live record soap opera.

Maybe some people will say it brings us lots of pixel gun 3d cheat tool angst and trouble by those mini secret cameras. And also it violates our privacy from some aspects. A security can investigate a customer’s secret through the camera in hotel, whether it is on purpose or not. And the thief can also take advantage of the camera on an ATM to steal the code number. We can record others’ funny experience with the camera on our cell phone, and then post it on internet. Although all of them pixel gun 3d cheat are not physically hurt us, they do hurt our benefits and privacy.

What if there are no secret cameras in our living places. Like the ATM, we are no longer worry about pixel gun 3d hacks the code number will be stolen by the thief behind the camera. In the lift of some hotel, we won’t be afraid that our picture will be posted on the internet when we were kissing with someone. At school, students won’t worry about be taken by cameras when they are sleeping on the class.

Will life be better if there are no secret cameras surround us? I guess the answer is negative. Cameras on ATM may pixel gun 3d be controlled by a thief to steal your code number, but the cameras in the bank can still help policemen solve a bank robbing case. Cameras in the lift may probably violate your privacy, but they can also pixel gun 3d cheats tool record crimes. Cameras at school can record students’ cheating on exam.

Therefore, more and more cameras appear in pixel gun 3d cheats our living environment. Nowadays, even taxi has cameras too. It makes a significant contribution to the decrease of robbing taxi crimes. Since the spy camera ‘s price is pretty cheap now, and many people start realize the important function of them, it become to a hot item for personal use. It can be used as the baby monitor for a mother, the pixel gun 3d hack safe security of your house or your company, and so on. We don’t mean to create the Trueman’s world, but to protect ourselves in proper way.

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